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Common Queries

What is the shipping policy?

Shipping on all candles is priced at standard USPS shipping rates, which is subject to change. Once items are shipped, you will be notified of a tracking number and an approximate arrival time.

What is your return policy?

Every candle is hand made and hand poured to meet your high standards. Returns will only be accepted if the candle has not been burned. If your candle arrives damaged, we will gladly give you a refund or send you another candle.

How are the candles made?

Each candle you'll enjoy is made right in our kitchen! A double-boiler process melts the 100% soy wax beads. While the wax is melting, each 8oz. candle-grade amber jar is prepared with a cotton or wood wick. Once the wax has fully melted, the essential oil scent is added using an eye-dropper tool - we count each individual drop to ensure our scent-to-wax ration is perfect for every batch! Finally, the cooled candles are stored for at least two weeks until they are fully cured.

I'm not sure which candle(s) I want to try, could I get some samples?

We are happy to provide samples! Each batch we process provides us with 6 of our standard 8oz. candles and a handful of small 1/2oz. samples. All samples are made with cotton wicks, our wooden wicks are only available with the full 8oz. candles. 

If you are interested in receiving samples, please contact us to build a custom package, just for you! The samples are provided free of charge, just pay shipping!

What is the candle burn time?

Times may vary, however our burn tests measured 48 hours for the cotton wick and 24 hours for the wood wick.

Our tests ran in 4-hour intervals, with the wicks trimmed before each burn. 

What comes with my order?

A fun surprise!

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