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My husband and I love these candles!! He is picky when it comes to candles, each one we have tried he has loved. Each one has been perfectly balanced in scent, longevity, and they burn evenly. I have already started planning on how we can include these candles into gifts for this Christmas.

I ordered the Sweet Pea scented candle and I am very pleased. I have never found another candle with such a soft springtime smell. It isn't overpowering like some candles can be. I will be ordering more scents in the future!



My husband chose the Snickerdoodle scented candle, and while I don't enjoy food scented candles myself, I have to say, this one is an exception. After several attempts at lighting the wooden wick, when it took, the flame flickered and settled into a lovely glow. Snickerdoodle cookies are sweet but this candle is not. Instead, the scent was reminiscent of high quality vanilla. Pleasant and not overpowering. I would definitely recommend this particular Snickerdoodle candle, and especially if you don't think you like food scented candles. Please do give this a try!

I received the forest pine scented candle as a gift. Have you ever been on a hike in the Kootenai National forest of northwest Montana during springtime? This candle will take you there. With its subtle earthy and pine aromas, it will inject some much needed nature into your house during the winter when you can't open the windows. Will be purchasing more!



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